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Southwest Airlines passenger jumps out of a plane while it was taxiing



  • As a flight from Colorado Springs to Phoenix was taxiing, a man opened the rear galley door and jumped out.
  • The Southwest Airlines passenger then ran to an airport fire station and barricaded himself in a dorm room.
  • A 30-year-old suspect has been booked for two felony counts of trespass, police say.

While Southwest Airlines Flight 4236 was taxiing at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday morning, authorities say a passenger opened a rear galley door and jumped out of the plane.

The man “exited” the plane shortly after it arrived from Colorado Springs, Colorado, a Southwest Airlines spokesperson told Insider.

After he jumped, Capt. Todd Keller of the Phoenix Fire Department told Insider that the man ran along the runway and into an airport fire station. He then locked himself in a dorm room.

“As soon as we asked him to unlock the door, he unlocked the door,” Keller said. The man was then evaluated, treated for a leg injury, and transported to a hospital, he continued.

“There was great communication from Sky Harbor, and from Phoenix Police Department to the Phoenix Fire Department,” Keller said. “Everybody was dedicated, talking the whole time, and in constant communication so that we were able to take care of the patient and safely get him to the hospital.”

A Phoenix Police Department spokesperson told Insider that the sole suspect has been identified as 30-year-old Daniel Ramirez. He has been booked for two felony counts of trespass.

“Local authorities responded to the situation and shortly after the flight continued to its designated gate with all remaining Customers and Crew,” a Southwest Airlines spokesperson said.

The plane reached the gate after a short delay, KPNX reported.

Insider reached out to Sky Harbor International Airport. A spokesperson did not provide a comment.

In June, a man was hospitalized after jumping out of a plane at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

A month later, Insider reported that an American Airlines passenger jumped from an emergency exit after a 30-minute delay in disembarking.

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Black History

Texas Southern Great, NFL Player Charley Frazier Dies at 83



Texas Southern University’s track & field and professional football great Charlie Frazier passed at 83. Frazier was a native of Angleton, Texas, and starred in track star with fellow TSU great Homer Jones.

Frazier ran a 9.4 sec. 100-yard dash and 20.8 sec. 220-yard sprint at Texas Southern. The speedster teamed with Homer Jones, Barney Allen, and Lester Milburn to win the sprint medley (3:22.4), quarter-mile (41.2), and half-mile (124.4) relays at the Drake Relays in 1961.

He was incredibly fast. Frazier went undrafted in 1962 but earned a roster spot with his hometown Houston Oilers, where he played until 1968. In 1966, he caught 12 touchdowns and over 1,200 receiving yards and was voted to the 1966 AFL All-Star team. Frazier left Houston to compete with the American Football League’s Boston Patriots (now New England) from 1969-70.

Charlie Frazier coached at Houston’s John Reagan High School and college sports at Rice, Tulsa, and Texas Christian universities.

He retired from professional football with 3,452 receiving yards, 207 receptions, and 29 touchdowns.

Culled from the  Texas Southern Athletics

Texas Guardian News
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Okwesilieze Women’s Club Prevails in Contentious Civil Lawsuit Against Defecting Members



Defendants shall immediately cease to use the name “Okwesilieze”; desist from using Plaintiff’s theme songs and greetings “Kwesi”; pay to Plaintiff Organization the sum of $37,000.00, and return specified items in their possession.”

A prolonged civil lawsuit between the Okwesilieze Women’s Club of Nigeria and a rival group formed by defecting group members “De Okwesilieze International Women’s Club” has ended in favor of the founding group, court documents show. In a final verdict that might affect similar cases still pending among various groups in the Houston’s Nigerian Community, the defecting group, De Okwesilieze, and their listed agents avoided what would have been a humiliating verdict and succumbed to mediation and settlement negotiations that completely appeased the plaintiff’s demands.

As part of the settlement, the Defendants and their representatives, namely: Hope W Aobikeze, Emiliana ; Chukwu, Rose Ekeke; Genevieve Onyirioha, Oluchi; Duruji, Philomena Chinwe; Ekwealor, Veronica; Onwukamuche, Nkechi Eko; Ijeoma Opara, and Veronica Onunze, shall immediately;

  • cease to use the name “Okwesilieze” as any part of their organization’s name.
  • shall immediately cease to use the Plaintiffs team songs and greetings “Kwesi” as part of their Organization songs or greetings.
  • shall return the Plaintiff organization items in the procession of the defendants, to wit (official documents and items transferred by former outgoing president, Emilana Chukwu to former in-coming President, Dr. Genevieve Onyirioha).
  • shall return the items given to Dr. Genevieve Onyirioha by Dr. Gracie Chukwu (These items are attached to the agreement.
  • shall pay to Plaintiff Organization the sum of $37,000.00. The payment shall be paid within a 5-year period, paid quarterly for a minimum payment of $1850.00 each quarter. The first payment is due June 1, 2022, and continues each quarter until paid in full.

The Okwesilieze Women’s Club of Nigeria was founded in 1976 in Enugu, Nigeria with the core mission to promote family values, harness wellness, economics, and community activities, and help the less fortunate women in the society overcome life challenges. However, an internal squabble at the Branch in Houston  created a division, causing some members to defect and register the conflicting group “De Okwesilieze International Women’s Club” on February 28, 2020.

The group’s Founder and Leader Dr/Mrs. Gracie Gboliwe Chukwu who instituted the legal action against the defecting members asserted two general claims. First, she affirmed various trademark claims, alleging that the mark Okwesilieze Women’s Club of Nigeria International’s trade name was trespassed upon by the Defendants’ incorporation and use of the name “De Okwesilieze International Women’s Club.” Second, Dr. Chukwu alleged that Defendants committed conversion by taking the funds from Okwesilieze Women’s Club of Nigeria International as described above.

The case litigated at the United States District Court might set the precedent for very similar cases involving other organizations of Nigerian descent. For instance, according to court papers, Defendants Hope Waobikeze, Emiliana Chukwu, and Rose Ekeke, in the course of the squabble, went to the bank and withdrew $14,400.00 from the OWCNI savings account and $58,000.00 from the OWCNI checking account. After withdrawing the funds, these three Defendants divided the money between the remaining Defendants, who all accepted and converted the funds and called it a “refund” of the OWCNI membership dues —a practice very conversant in many organizations of Nigerian descent.

Texas Guardian News
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Grubido’s Art of Fufu Series Returns to Houston for Spectacular Week of Food, Art & Celebration



After a long five-year hiatus, Art of Fufu, one of Houston’s most popular African food cultural pop-up experiences, returns to the city this August with a two-day celebration of events featuring tastings, art displays and cooking interactions that will educate patrons on one of west Africa’s most popular cuisines. The series, presented by Grubido, Inc., will host two events in the Greater Houston area on August 18 and 19.

Over the past ten-plus years, Houston’s own chef Kavachi Ukegbu has made it her mission to promote and elevate the conversation surrounding African cuisine into American food culture. Most notably, Fufu, a mouthwatering and warm starchy dough eaten by hand and enjoyed most with the pairing of various flavorful west African soups. With the release of her new cookbook which bears the same name, Chef Kavachi’s journey has continued to make noise on the local and national stage with appearances on celebrity chef Marcus Sammuelson’s No Passport Required (PBS), David Cordua’s The Houston Cookbook (PBS), KHOU’s Great Day Houston with host Deborah Duncan.

Nigerian-American Celebrity Chef Kavachi Ukegbu Announces Debut Cookbook |  PRUnderground

To celebrate the newly recognized National Fufu Day in the US, the Art of Fufu kicks off with a fun cooking class for the general public at HEB’s Central Market on Thursday, August 18th, followed by the return of the popular and interactive Art of Fufu Art Show on Friday, August 19th at Texas Southern University. The art show will highlight fufu-inspired artwork, cooking demonstrations, and food tastings with live afrobeat tunes and selfie stations. The Art of Fufu’s art showcase is partly supported by the City of Houston’s Houston Arts Alliance grant.

Chef, Kavachi  is a global ambassador for good food and stronger cultural connections. As the founder of Grubido, Kavachi fuses her training in the culinary arts, marketing, and hospitality management to host enriching in-person experiences crafted to expand guests’ culinary horizons. Grubido has been featured in several media outlets, including No Passport Required, Great Day Houston, Fox 26 News, the Houston Press, the Houston Cookbook, the University of Houston Celebrity Chef series, and continues to grow in its native Houston and beyond.

Texas Guardian News
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