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The revolution in Nigeria is about to start: Are you ready?



The 2023 general election is the most talked about and galvanized election in the history of Nigeria. People are very conscious of their environment and what is happening, and the reasons are clear. Nigeria bleeds from a very terrible bad leadership, and citizens are in acute pain and horrifying agony – hungry, brutalized and traumatized. Except those living pretentiously, otherwise Nigerian citizens at different levels are battling against evil dominion in their struggle for survival from a country so corruptly and incompetently led by APC under Buhari. So, the much-awaited political uprising in Nigeria is about to start. 

Every policy made by the politicians controls our lives and shapes the future, hence we can no longer afford to leave politics solely into the hands of these people that have blatantly abused every privilege and grossly condoned and supervised corruption that made Nigeria the 154 least corrupt nation out of 180 countries in the world, second in West Africa, and earned her the award as the capital city of poverty, and the second most terrorized in the world only after Iraq. Never again will we allow our destiny to be in the hands of those political buccaneers we have seen without principle shamelessly go back to their vomits and behave like “playboys” – without control and integrity. They have deceptively turned our joy to sorrow. Enough is enough. Every registered voter must go and collect his/her PVC. Registering for the PVC is one thing, collecting the card is an alliance that compliments the registration, and voting is actually the final process that adds value to the other two processes. None of these three processes can be meaningful without the other. According to INEC, millions of voters card are still in their offices nation wide uncollected. I appeal to all political parties to spread this message of card collection during their campaigns at the campaign grounds, and ask their entire supporters group to energize the people and make sure that their group members collect their PVCs before they are used to rig the election.

As the campaign for political offices officially starts, let me advise the good citizens of Nigerian to be reasonable in their choices and actions and ponder on where we are and going to. They should avoid hate speech and violence as they canvass for votes for their preferred candidates. Politicians on their parts should be decent and civil in their campaigns. They should eschew lies and propaganda, show dignity and advise their supporters to embrace peace. Their campaign should be issue based.

Truth should be told at all times, Nigeria is indeed at the verge of anarchy and disintegration. We cannot continue to pretend otherwise. We all have got responsibilities because Nigeria belongs to all of us. This election is very important to the life of Nigeria, and if we get it wrong, we all will pay dearly for it. Therefore, permit me to be unequivocal in stating facts without any consideration to political correctness. We cannot afford to make the same mistake we made in 2015 by wrongly choosing tragedy and incredibly consolidated the same disaster in 2019 against all odds. But today, the signs are everywhere that Nigeria is even in a more precarious situation and on a life support now than she has ever been. And if we are not critical, futuristic and wise, and peradventure fail to elect a president that events have proven not to be corrupt and greedy, someone with good character, mentally and physically able and with the required capacity to pilot the affairs of Nigeria, the consequences this time will be disastrously too fatal.

Sincerely, the tendency that Nigeria may not be lucky again to survive such a silly or avoidable mistake makes any trial by error in our choice of a president an ugly gamble too high a risk to take in a heterogeneous and pluralistic tensed society like ours. To a sane person with a discerning heart, it would be a hazardous error that could be heavily costly and perhaps irreversible when made. Thus be warned Nigerians. Jettison not only your political apathy and enthusiastically participate actively in the 2023 general elections by collecting your PVCs, but also vote wisely by making sure that whosoever that will become the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2023 must be qualified, competent, visionary and tolerant with unquestionable character and has the required capacity to lead. No reasonable person should vote any candidate based on sentiments of tribe and religion or monetary inducement. Additionally and very importantly too, the commander in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari is legally obliged in making sure that INEC officials are well protected and all necessary logistics and materials they need to execute the uphill task are timely provided too, and conducive atmosphere equally guaranteed. This becomes crucial in view of the accusation that some APC members in an evil union with a few INEC officials manipulated the PVC registration machines in order to rig the election. The allegation is a weighty one that should not be treated with kid gloves. It is not enough for INEC to announce to Nigerians that the evil done has been reversed, but justice will only be seen to have been done when the perpetrators of the evil are made publicly known, sacked from their duty posts and prosecuted before the election. INEC as an electoral umpire must on its part be impartial and respect the rule of law in distributing electoral materials, counting results and declaring winners etc. Anything contrarily will spell doom and more evil for Nigeria. And the collateral damage to us as an entity and its brutal consequences in our individual lives are something no one can accurately predict, but one thing is certain, it will be acidic. Patriotism should be the watchdog. Therefore, 2023 is a litmus test and our collective choice must be a wise one that will not later be full of regrets, tears, pains and sorrow.

Most of the contemporary problems and suffering in our society are decades of build-up from the lukewarm attitude and ignorance of the majority not to participate in politics, vote massively and qualitatively too during elections on flimsy excuses. We want a paradigm shift because the archaic ways of electing our leaders because of ethnicity, religion and the influence of money, bags of rice, tomatoes, onions or packaged garri in sacks with sugar etc. are no longer acceptable. Anyone who must govern us henceforth must have conscience and be competent. He should not be surrounded with allegations of corruption and embezzlements. His capacity, sound health to lead and source of wealth should not be in doubt or shrouded in secrecy.

Who the cap fits, let him where it. Our destiny is in our hands and the choices are starring before us today. We must elect one with the capacity to restore hope in the hopelessness state of the economy, corruption and insecurity in Nigeria or we continue our old ways that will not only keep Nigeria to her status of a crippled giant but also add to it a blind giant of Africa. I would have said let your conscience guide you in your choice, but it would be wrong knowing that your conscience failed at all times when it mattered most. It never guided you well in 2015 and never got prickled in 2019 for the calamity of 2015, therefore, I recommend Peter Obi for you. We all will be beneficiaries of a competent, qualitative and good governance of fairness and justice under his presidency.

Are you ready for the revolution? Please go and collect your PVC. It is your licenced AK47, configured for your use only. When the time of shooting (voting) comes, if you are critical in your viewing, you will aim accurately, and when your aim is accurate, you will shoot wisely, and he/she who shoots wisely misses no target. Peter Obi has rekindled hope of equity, unity, fairness, freedom and liberation for oppressed Nigerians. Vote for Peter Obi.

Stand up, sit down, bend right, bend left or even squat, the buttock will always remain at the back. Truth has no duplicate. Peter Obi is the wisest choice in 2023.

♦ Uzoma Ahamefule, a refined African traditionalist and a patriotic citizen writes from Vienna, Austria. WhatsApp: +436607369050; Email Contact Uzoma >>>>

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At least 162 killed and 700 hurt as earthquake hits Indonesia’s Java island



Hundreds of homes were damaged, in addition to a boarding school, a hospital and several government buildings, the national disaster agency chief said.

An earthquake shook Indonesia‘s main Java island Monday afternoon, killing at least 162 people, local officials said.

Around 700 people were injured, National Disaster Mitigation Agency chief Suharyanto said.

“Many were hurt because they were hit by collapsed buildings,” he added.

The death toll reached 162 Monday night, local media reported citing West Java Gov. Ridwan Kamil.

More than 5,300 people had been displaced, the Indonesian disaster mitigation agency said in a statement. It added that at least 25 people were still trapped under collapsed buildings.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the 5.6-magnitude earthquake struck West Java at 1:21 p.m. local time (1:21 a.m. ET). It was centered in the Cianjur region at a depth of 6.2 miles — about 47 miles southeast of the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

At least 25 aftershocks were recorded by the country’s Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysical Agency.

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WAP’S Prof. Chris Ulasi Leads Election Reporting Project in Nigeria



The co-founder of The West African Pilot News, Professor Chris Ulasi, led a United States-sponsored Election Reporting Project (ERP) in Nigeria.

ERP was a two-day workshop to equip, train and support Nigerian journalists, videographers and photojournalists to adequately cover the 2023 elections in an accurate, objective, balanced and safe way.

The workshop was organised by the West Africa Broadcast and Media Academy (WABMA) and the Enugu Literary Society (ELS) in partnership with the US consulate-general in Lagos, Will Stevens.

At the opening of the two-day workshop, Stevens said the US government allocated $50 million for the training as a way to ensure that the 2023 general elections are peaceful and credible.

“We are supporting more than 100 journalists with this workshop in Ibadan, Enugu, Port Harcourt and Lagos as part of U.S. efforts to support Nigeria’s elections,” the consul-general said.

“Over the last three years and into the next year too, the US government has allocated more than 50 million dollars for technical assistance, support, training, for INEC, and for civil society, among others.

“We are committed to initiatives here in Nigeria to build needed capacity. We have funded training for hundreds of journalists on topics ranging from fact-checking, health reporting, defence and national security reporting, investigative journalism, election reporting and media ethics.

“These training, together with other programmes we offer virtually to demonstrate our commitment to this partnership that we have long enjoyed here in Nigeria.”

The lead facilitator for the workshop was the co-founder, The West African Pilot News, Dean, School of Communication and Chair, Department of Radio, Television and Films, Texas Southern University Houston, USA., Prof. Chris Ulasi.

Some other facilitators include Prof. Lai Oso, fmr. Dean of Communications, Lagos State University; and Miss Grace Ekpu, an investigative reporter with the Associated Press (AP).

According to the lead facilitator, the project was in three phases. Phase one was the workshops which included training held in several zones.

Phase two was the content stage. In phase two, trained journalists were plugged into an election reporting website and online community for support and fact-checking of content pre-during-and-after elections coverage season. Phase three is the awards stage when outstanding participating journalists would be given awards after the elections season.

The two-day intensive training, which was held in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital on 14 and 15 November was attended by journalists from different states in the southwest. The training included practical skills in fact-checking, digital security, and interaction among journalists from different backgrounds among others.

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Elon Musk fired Twitter’s head of sales after she refused to sack more employees



He had previously begged her not to resign

  • Elon Musk sacked Twitter exec Robin Wheeler after she refused to fire more staff, sources said.
  • Wheeler was sacked despite Musk persuading her to stay after she tried to resign, per Bloomberg.
  • Some Twitter sales staff found out over the weekend and on Monday they were fired, per Platformer.

Elon Musk fired a top Twitter executive after she refused to sack more employees in the ad sales team, according to two people familiar with the matter who spoke to Insider.

Robin Wheeler, Twitter’s global head of advertising sales, handed in her resignation on Thursday 10, but Musk persuaded her to stay in the job, the sources told Insider’s Lara O’Reilly, and as Bloomberg earlier reported.

One week later, the billionaire changed his mind. Two sources said Wheeler was fired on Friday after she refused to cut the headcount of Twitter’s ad sales team — a department that was already depleted.

Wheeler, whose Twitter bio now says “proud Ex-Twitter Sales Exec,” tweeted on Friday in the past tense, saying: “To the team and my clients….you were always my first and only priority.” She concluded the tweet with a salute emoji, a sign that has recently become symbolic for Twitter employees leaving the company amid layoffs and firings.

Platformer’s Casey Newton reported that some Twitter staff in the sales team found out over the weekend and on Monday that they had been sacked after they couldn’t access Twitter’s systems.

This came after Musk sent an email to employees about his expectations for building “Twitter 2.0.” If staff didn’t sign up for “the new Twitter” by Thursday 5 p.m., they would receive three months of severance, Musk wrote in the email.

Twitter and Wheeler didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment made outside of normal US operating hours on Tuesday.

Wheeler joined Twitter in 2012 as a senior director of sales, which involved managing relationships with some of the company’s biggest clients such as Coca-Cola, Google, and Microsoft, according to her LinkedIn page. She became the head of ad sales in April this year.

Chris Riedy, Twitter’s former vice president of the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region, replaced Wheeler at the weekend, per multiple Insider sources.

Read the original article on Business Insider

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