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Manchin and Senema ―America’s Democracy Is Threatened by Two Sorry Obstructionists



The earth would eventually succumb to the decimation of its lands and waters if the trend continued with no checks in place to stop it. ―Don Okolo

Sorry, dear Readers. It appeared as if I took a sabbatical. Only I didn’t. I was here all along bemoaning the coming of the end of a once-great nation. Rome fell. The Great kingdoms of Sparta, Persia, and Babylonia, all fell, knee-capped by intransigence and arrogance. I had predicted this in earlier articles on WAP. No one else sounded the alarm, maybe because most people believed that the United States was a behemoth, and couldn’t be felled by a mere sneeze as would inflexibility, Obstinacy, and condescension…even as they were declared inferior in their portrayal. It’s over America! Come January 20, 2025, and you will no longer fart through silk. Mark my words!

But, it will start earlier! 2022 would be when the beast would raise its head and tresses of colorless stash to usher in the one hundred years of a terror reign with no Democrats, no Blacks, just a few sprinkles of Asians and white-looking Brownies to run the affairs of this nation. Thirteen months from this day and the lights in the front parts of this ballroom, including the sconces embedded in her womb, would be scrubbed off. Her brightness would begin to taper off, dimming to obscure the fangs growing out of the fingers and mouths of the whites-only progenitors of this evil faith. Does it surprise anyone, how these infidels among us, how they have bamboozled their way past the barricades we set up, how they have worked their way through the tight crannies we had spun to find an Apian way laden with delights to screw us? They did! There must be some things that are endearing in being a Republican. You see, the soul of an entire party is wrapped into a single, basketball-sized hardness. The comprehensiveness and the extremeness of it is the ingratiating aspect. Don’t you love these boys and gals? At least, you should commend them on astuteness, the ‘perspicacity of not ever going to bend to accommodate the insipid Democrats’. It is always a good thing… an ethically sound way to help out the one you are ramming through the back to allow the person enough room for the reach-around. (Full Metal Jacket) That has not been the way the Republicans have been metaphorically screwing the Democrats. Now, they have the Dems hog-tied, and they have taken a high-standing position for the coming high, fast-paced, thrusts in our rears.

But, I have refused to play along with the Democrats. I am inside the safety features the center-left, the center-right brokered for me. These are not the so-called Independents. They are hardcore, politically minded badasses, who can only play along the lines of the Old Testament testicle-crushing credo: Do me, I do you God no vex. I have been offered a baseball bat that I turned down. They replaced it and then handed me a bazooka, advising me to keep my legs together. The one wheedling me is Betty Longjohn…and she is moving to a place she would live as a hermit. Maybe, I should follow her out of town, just because I do not see how most of us would escape this hot-metal, phallus the Republicans are brandishing for their big smackdown. Or do you?

Enter the dragon-slayer in the name Joe Manchin. Behind him is the gorgeous, full-bodied vixen, Kristen Senema. Both are white and are aware that when the banging begins, that they would be spared. Both are playing to the gallery where Republicans have nestled. Their hard-to-play stance has nothing to do with their love to steer the nation clear from inflation as Machin claimed. It has nothing to do with their astuteness in the budgetary process. Apply their bulldog approach to all policies the democrats submit, and you should be scratching your head wondering why they are against a rewrite of the filibuster to help America’s Voters beat the crushing defeat the Democrats will face in 2022 and 2024.

They are essentially stupid, and they are truly working behind the scenes to mitigate white angst.

These two are essentially stupid, and they are truly working behind the scenes to mitigate white angst. The larger strategy here without being said is this; the plan will benefit the Caucasian race. The question is no longer if the Republicans will get their way. That question died when Barack Obama left the White House. It is going to get ugly from the moment the Republicans take charge. More police brutality of blacks. All investigations of their Messiah, Donald Trump, would be yanked. There will be a ton of cockamamie investigations against Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Nancy Pelosi. Obamacare will be yanked, too. Taxes on the rich reinstated if Biden were to stop the bleeding. The earth would eventually succumb to the decimation of its lands and waters if the trend continued with no checks in place to stop it. And you think I am just ranting because I am a democrat? Nah! The irony of this shenanigan is this: What is bad for the Gander would be bad for the Goose. Read that line again, and you’d see why I doubly reversed it. Until the Republicans can leave this galaxy and settle somewhere, some light-years away would they find this idyllic, hate-filled plane of BS they so desire. I hope the day would come for them; they would embark on this spaceship that would carry them to the Helllands south, and deeply south of the Kamil Kanga Constellation. MAY THY WILL BE DONE, O LORD! I pray.

♦ Don Okolo, Professor and filmmaker, is on the Editorial Board of the West African Pilot News. He is the author of many books.




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Anthony Obi Ogbo

Flight KL 588 from Lagos: European airlines’ handling of its African passengers may be racially discriminatory



In addition to a high rate of disparity in airfare, these systemic trends that emit prejudice, negligence, and thoughtlessness manifest as racial discrimination in service delivery standards.

The flight booking was the United States-based Delta Airlines, but the routing and services were provided by its partner airline, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the official airline carrier of the Netherlands. Thus, a Delta flight on January 13—originally booked as DL 9477—ended up as KL 588, a return leg originating in Lagos and heading to Houston through Amsterdam. This practice of re-booking flights under other carriers has been standard since 2020, when Air France, KLM, Delta, and Virgin Atlantic launched a partnership to provide customers with more convenient flight schedules, and a smooth and consistent travel experience, whichever airline they fly.

But just like any other European airline, flights originating from North America to Europe are often selective. Aircraft are newer and cleaner, and offer more reliable in-flight entertainment gadgets. They also have cleaner lavatories, and passengers are served fresher meals and provided with well-mannered flight attendants. Additionally, take-off delays are well-justified and are announced to passengers with the utmost respect.

However, once those airlines land at European layover airports, the story changes. Passengers transiting to African cities are hauled into dilapidated, filthy aircraft. Flight attendants may be professional and sometimes welcoming, but the evidence of systemized service shortfalls subjugate every moment. For instance, lavatories are uncared for, in-flight entertainment devices are broken-down, and the aircraft’s seat arrangement offers agonizingly tight leg room. Unprecedented take-off delays are customary, especially with flights originating from African cities to Europe.

Experience of flight KL 588 was a sorry tale of equipment breakdown and service negligence.

Accordingly, the KL 588 flight from Lagos to Amsterdam, filled with Nigerian passengers, was no different. Being a Boeing jet that looks good on the exterior, painted with KLM’s official blue color and logo, there is a mentality that because it is a KLM brand, nothing would ever go wrong. Yet the experience of flight KL 588 was a sorry tale of equipment breakdown and service negligence. The first shocker was a whopping one-hour take-off delay that left passengers seated in a crowded aircraft, grappling with hot cabin air, at a time when the highly infectious omicron variant was spreading like wildfire. Cabin attendants walked around aimlessly—a practice they were seemingly accustomed to.

The next embarrassing moment was an announcement about the nonworking in-flight entertainment system, made by a senior flight attendant, who stated, “We’re going to reboot the system, which should hopefully sort out the problem.” The system was not working at all and the flight attendants knew it, but their unethical lying to passengers about it raises other questions: Was the system rebooted? Did it work? Passengers did not receive any other explanation and instead spent six hours staring at blacked-out entertainment screens. They were equally uninformed of the progress of the trip until, finally, it was time to land in Amsterdam.

Inside this flight, Nigerian passengers narrated their past horrific experiences of flying these European airlines, and how the booking and in-flight services change when these airlines operate within the Western territories. KLM’s experience is just a yardstick, as all European airlines share this institutionalized racial service structure—an unwritten policy of discrimination entrenched in their operational standards.

A failure by these European carriers to adequately supervise their African locations in similar standards to their European bases is racist.

Flight attendants may appear professional and may wear a smiling face, yet their service system remains well-structured, bigoted garbage. KLM operatives are very much aware that their ground services at their African locations are unsupervised—usually riddled with bribery, corruption at the highest level, and unrivaled clumsiness. For example, a basic check-in process at their European locations takes less than 15 minutes, whereas it takes hours to undergo a similar process at their African locations. A failure by these European carriers to adequately supervise their African locations in similar standards to their European bases is racist.

Institutional racism is often less noticeable because of its unconcealed nature, which makes it an innocuous routine. It is illogical for these airlines to have daily flights from African to European cities—loaded with 99.9% African passengers—without Black flight attendants, without authentic African food on the menu and, worst, without African TV programs or movies in their entertainment collection. It is completely insensitive and disrespectful to the African culture to serve pasta, apple pie, rice soaked in cheese, and tasteless meat and vegetable patties on a flight filled to the brim with African natives, and to offer them entertainment devoid of African themes.

In addition to a high rate of disparity in airfare, these systemic trends that emit prejudice, negligence, and thoughtlessness manifest as racial discrimination in service delivery standards. Thus, a collective failure of these airlines to provide appropriate and professional services to their African passengers is racially prejudicial.


♦ Anthony Ogbo, PhD, Adjunct Professor at the Texas Southern University is the author of the Influence of Leadership (2015)  and the Maxims of Political Leadership (2019). Contact:

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OPINION: Nurturing The Men And Women That Will Build And Sustain The Anambra One State Liveable Megacity



By Joe C Anatune – Guest Columnist

My good friend and late Yerima of Auchi, Prince Tony Momoh, never ceased to counsel that in building great cities, it is always better to first build the men and women who will sustain it. From March 17, 2022, when Governor-Elect Cee Cee Soludo will be sworn in, Anambra will commence the journey to a Livable Megacity. This will not be a hundred-metre dash but the benefits of birthing a prosperous, healthier and happier society outweigh the grind. In “The Soludo Solution: A People’s Manifesto For A Greater Anambra”, the pathways for nurturing the men and women that will build and sustain the Anambra liveable Megacity are well summarised. But let’s digress.

The annual Christmas and New Year celebrations and their attendant dire straits on our existing infrastructure underpin the imperative of this beautiful Soludo’s Liveable Megacity vision. You may have come to terms that accessibility and sustainable mobility as one of the five pillars of a liveable city. We all know that vehicular movement in Anambra has become a huge challenge during the Christmas and New Year festivals when our people usually flock home from every part of the world. The situation gets worse each passing year and something needs to be done to continue harnessing the economics of this homecoming.

The foregoing demands that we nurture men and women who can think and work through such challenges and bring happiness to the people. The good news is that Soludo envisions an educational system that will produce world-class products that meet the challenges of the post-oil economy and the 4th industrial revolution. In essence, Anambra’s educational system will produce graduates fit for the world. The critical success factor is the teacher who will be trained, retrained certificated, and empowered to be in tune with the latest local and international trends in the sector.

Of course, there will be a rigorous quality assurance of the system to ensure that standards are maintained. While infrastructure in government-owned schools will be upgraded, curricula at all levels will be reviewed to provide functional education for the digital age with the objective of developing graduates that are problem solvers in addition to imbuing them with ICT and coding skills, Al, Robotics, etc.

There is no gainsaying that Anambra’s greatest asset is its human resource. Fortunately, the Governor-Elect is well-positioned to make the best of this resource as a former teacher himself. This is one area the Transition Committee should pay serious attention to as it is foundational to other things.

It is well with Anambra.
Be of good cheer!

*Joe C Anatune– a public affairs anaylyst
Writes from Awa.

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Sight and Imitation ―psychological power of human simulation



Reminiscing about the good old childhood days, 24-year old Priscilla recalls series of scenario she played out.

As a young girl, she would make Sunday afternoons her lesson time, she is the teacher with a good number of pupils in her mind.

To get a touch of reality, she would assemble her three siblings as a point of contact, conduct her school assembly with them and teach them.

She was the proprietress, the disciplinary teacher for latecomers and the assembly conductor.

After the assembly, her pupils would match into the classroom which was the same arena of her bedroom and get seated on the bed.

Priscilla would now walk out of the room and walk in dressed in her mother’s high heel shoes, some little clothes inserted between her chest and blouse- a symbol of a matured breast, and a handbag. She expects a greeting with a standing ovation from her seated pupils.

“Good morning, ma,” they wouldn’t consider the afternoon timing.

“Good morning,” serious Priscilla would say scrambling for something uncertain in her handbag-a perfect behaviour of her class teacher.

She deeply loved the sound coming from the pair of shoes on her leg; so she would do everything possible to walk as many rounds as possible before having her seat.

She would bring out a small exercise book- her daily register- and begin to call names.


“Present, ma,” her brother would answer.

“Kate.” “Kate.” “Where is Kate?” she would question the silence.

“Aunty, she is not in school.”

“Ejiro,” she would call on.

“Absent,” her pupil-siblings would chorus.

Of course, they had been told their assigned names and how she wanted it to play out.


“Present, ma”

She would look up and mark her remaining pupil present.

She begins writing on the board with her white chalk after drawing horizontal lines with her little yellow wooden ruler- a petite version of the big wooden ruler her teacher uses in class.

In-between writing, she would imagine Ejiro coming late to her class. Immediately she feels his presence in her mind, she would tilt her head behind her with her chalky hand paused on the board.

“Ejiro, why are you late to my class?” another class scene begins.

Imaginary Ejiro would become hesitant, speechless, and frightened.

“Kneel down there,” her tautology was also imitated.

“Aunty, please” Ejiro would plead.

“I said kneel down there!”

He kneels and she resumes writing after her mom who overhears her from another room interjects

“ònye kwa ka ọ na baru?” Who is she shouting at?

The house help would giggle from wherever she was in the house on hearing that.

Priscilla didn’t mind. She was a focused copycat teacher only that her kiddy height and dressing obstructed the image she assumed in the sight of the adults in the house.

When she finished writing, she would walk up to Ejiro- her unfinished project- emphasizing her well-enjoyed “koi koi” sound from her oversized heel shoes.

Ejiro was a perpetual latecomer.

“Give me your hand” she would frown, holding up a cain.

Ejiro’s hesitant gesture would follow.

“I said- I said- give- me- your- hand,” each section landed with a slight whip, inflicting mild pain on Ejiro.

“Aunty, please, it’s my mummy that said I should wait for my lunch box. I promise, I will not come late to your class again,” tearful Ejiro begins to sweat.

After a brief consideration, teacher Priscilla would show mercy.

“Go to your seat.”

“Thank you, Aunty.”

“Tell your mummy,” the halfway pupil would turn to listen “that your food should not make you late to school. She can always bring it later. In fact, give me your mum’s number.”

Relieved Ejiro recites it to her and sits finally.

The ceiling fan in Priscilla’s room begins to roll as the surrounding neighbors scream with excitement “Up Nepa!”

Priscilla’s acting pupils would join in the celebration and rush to the parlour for their favourite cartoon show

What is more? Priscilla would lead the run, closing her entire school, abruptly.

She forsakes her imaginary pupils, especially Ejiro; forgets she is a teacher and becomes a kid again.

Priscilla’s actions are common behaviour we see children play out amongst others like holding up a torch to their mouth as a microphone, imitating a phone conversation from their parents, traveling from one room to the other, imitating some mechanical handiwork.

Aside Priscilla’s behaviour being funny, the psychological power of human simulation is not a fallacy. It emphasizes how real humans’ ability to imitate is.

No matter how young or old you think you may be, you are not immune to imitating and acting on what you see and hear constantly.

As you go about your endeavors this year, do not forget to guard the gates of your eyes and ears by being deliberate about the environment you expose yourself to.

Cheers to a formidable year ahead.

♦ Favour Chiagozie Ebubechukwu is an Editorial  Staff Writer and columnist with the WAP

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