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Tiwa Savage Leaked Sex Video: Dealing with Blackmailers



To blame a victim of sextortion instead of dealing with the sextortionist is a clear sign of misplacement of priority.

Sextortion is the practice of extorting money or sexual favours from someone by threatening to reveal evidence of their sexual activity. It can also be called blackmail. Perpetrators of this act are called sextortionist. We have witnessed blackmailers leak the videos of victims upon their refusal to comply with their (the blackmailer’s) exploitative demands. To get these videos, some of these blackmailers go to great lengths to invade the victims’ privacy or disguise as a lover to get their victims to willingly release their sexual videos or take the video by themselves in the middle of a romantic affair.

According to Brooking Study, 71% of cases involve only victims under the age of 18. 14% involve a mix of minor and adult victims. 12% involve only adult victims, and nearly all adult victims are female, but both minor girls and boys are victimised.

Recently, the sex tape of an afrobeat musician, Tiwa Savage, was leaked after she refused to succumb to a blackmailer’s exploitative demand. Most times, when these videos are leaked, victims are faced with backlashes and questions that scream “IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT”. Questions like “why should there be a video in the first place?” Rather than dealing with the perpetrator, we focus on the victim, especially in Nigerian society.

To blame a victim of sextortion instead of dealing with the sextortionist is a clear sign of misplacement of priority. If we are so passionate to pass a bill against homosexuality because we firmly believe it is an abominable act, should we not be so passionate about handling sextortion? Or do we just, like hypocrites, select what suits our image and morals and despise the wellbeing of the citizens?

Ask the average victim about the reason behind their hesitation to make a police report and find out their fear of how they would be ridiculed and the matter taken lightly. This has been long-standing insanity in our society. If we proritised mental health in our society, there would be a pronounced move to suffocate the ideology of sextortion.

Concerning the blackmailer, ensuring they face some suitable consequences for their actions is important. However, we must understand that just punishing a criminal does not necessarily erase the crime itself. It is so easy to tag these blackmailers as wicked; but beyond the emotions, we must recognise that even as they face the consequences of their actions, they also need to be assisted with the service of a psychotherapist to facilitate a positive change in their behaviour.


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The People’s Club of Nigeria in Sugarland Celebrates Thanksgiving―Spectacular Photos



The People’s Club of Nigeria in Sugarland Spreads Thanksgiving Love to Celebrate COVID-19 Survival

GUARDIAN NEWS – HOUSTON, TX – As the spirit and cheerfulness of the Thanksgiving season spread all over North America, the People’s Club of Nigeria International (PCNI), Sugarland took it to another level. It was also a grand event to celebrate a victory over the pandemic. According to the group’s Chairman, Chief-Sir Nnanyelugo Obinna Mbachu, “We are equally celebrating our survival and thanking Almighty Jehovah for keeping us and our families alive and healthy from the pandemic.”

PCNI is an affluent Nigerian-based social club known for sophistication, charity, civic support, and community outreach. The event, the first major celebration outing of the group since the pandemic, attracted hundreds of dignitaries from Houston and beyond.  Venue was the Grand Hall of the Our Savior Anglican Church, Houston.

■ PCNI’s Chairman, Chief-Sir Nnanyelugo Obinna Mbachu, and wife, Chief-Mrs. Chinwe Mbachu

The PCNI is structured in alignment with its Nigerian overseers and prioritizes the wellness and advancement of its members. Members are known for cheery personality, sophistication, and devotedness and are selected within specific conditions that reflect upright charisma and integrity. Worldwide, The PCNI currently has under its stable, branches in Nigeria, the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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Disregard Any Inappropriate ‘Video’ Circulating in Social Media, Baba Suwe Son Tells Nollywood, Others



Mr. Adesola Omidina, son of the late comic actor Baba Suwe, has called on the entertainment industry (Nollywood) and others affected, to disregard any inappropriate video(s) circulating on social media regarding his father death.

The son of the legend took to his Instagram page@ omo_ Omidina, to denounce and condemn the video(s) about his father’s death, which was wrongly posted.

According to him, the entertainment industry (Nollywood), The Theatre Arts and Movie Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN), Government, Prophets, family, and fans were supportive in their own ways during his father’s health challenge.

“As the son of the VETERAN ACTOR “ Late Babatunde Omidina “Babasuwe “.

“I am genuinely issuing this statement to denounce and condemn the video(s) about Babasuwe death that has been wrongly posted!.

“The Nollywood, Tampan, the Government, Prophets, family, and fans have been supportive in their own ways.

“I hereby tender an apology to all the groups, people, and family affected!.

“Again, please disregard any inappropriate “Video” circulating in social media,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Omidina has also taken to his Instagram page to announce the burial rite of his late father.

He said that his burial would commence at his residence( Baba Suwe’s house) at Elepe street, Ikorodu Lagos, on Thursday, Nov. 25.

“Burial Rite of Babatunde Omidina “Babasuwe” will commence at his residence (Elepe) @ Babasuwe’s House on Thursday 11/25/21 @ 10am prompt.Age: 63 years.

“The final Funeral ceremony will be announced later! Survived by: Children, Grandchildren, Mother and family! Signed by: Adesola Omidina. (For the Omidina Family),” he wrote.

A report by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) started that Baba Suwe died on Monday, Nov. 22 at age 63, after a long battle with an undisclosed illness.



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Nature of Olu Jacob’s Illness Revealed



Veteran actor, Olu Jacobs has been off the movie screens for a long while due to the condition of his ill-health. Fans had been left in the dark concerning the nature of his Illness with rumours spreading sometime ago about his demise which his wife, Joke Silva, debunked immediately.

However, in a popular interview show with Chude Jideonwo, Veteran actress, Joke Silva revealed for the first time publicly, the nature of his Illness to be Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB).

“What he is dealing with has been going on for a couple of years. It’s known as dementia with Lewy body and it’s a degenerative disease that affects the brain,” Joke Silver said.

She also revealed how hard it has been for the actor and the family and how she misses the times of working together with him.

“It’s been hard on him because he doesn’t understand what is going on and equally hard on family members as well. We have gone through it over the past couple of years and we thank God.

“We have gone through some times and there has been situations recently where I’m just like ‘oh, I just wish I had the old you here because I knew that I wouldn’t have to battle these on my own’ but… we are grateful for the moments of clarity.”

The veteran actor, Olu Jacobs, is a multiple awards winner, including a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Africa International Film Festival Awards held recently in Lagos.

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