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How Director Of Nigeria’s Healthcare Agency, NPHCDA Uses COVID-19 Vaccination Exercise To Enrich Pocket – Workers



Sources in the agency told the media that its Executive Director, Dr Faisal Shuaib, politicised the whole exercise at the detriment of getting Nigerians vaccinated.

The recent drive by the Nigerian government to make COVID-19 vaccination compulsory for civil servants has been attributed to the lacklustre performance of the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency in the handling of the vaccination exercise across the country.

Sources in the agency told the media that its Executive Director, Dr Faisal Shuaib, politicised the whole exercise at the detriment of getting Nigerians vaccinated.

They alleged Shuaib had not shown enough commitment to getting Nigerians vaccinated but was “interested in how he could make a kill from the COVID-19 vaccination programme.”

“It has been frustrating that the executive director has elected to play with the lives of Nigerians in such a brazen manner. The general public might not know that the figures bandied in the public domain are far from what is on the ground in reality. He went to the length in ensuring that individuals and groups with the required competence to ensure the validity of the vaccines and its deployment are sidelined and replaced with his cronies,” one of the sources said.

Another source alleged that the agency’s Executive Director saw the vaccination programme as an avenue to enrich his pocket.

“The executive director has constantly diverted funds meant for logistics to his cronies under different nomenclatures, and in most instances leaving vaccinators stranded, thereby altering the distribution chain and in most times before the vaccines reach their intended locations, there is a possibility that its potency might have been greatly reduced as a result of improper storage,” he said.

“If the government does not take urgent and proactive steps, it might just be that what is being administered to Nigerians might be ineffective vaccines and its consequent implication because, with the present realities on the ground in the agency with regards the administration, it is a doomed exercise.

“In our agency, everything is overinflated, and no one dares to question the executive director. The procurement and audit departments have been compromised by the executive who has ensured that his cronies are in strategic places to ensure that his biddings are carried out without any resistance.”

“If the government is serious in its fight against corruption, it should turn the light on the NPHCDA, and the revelations that would come out would be mind-boggling. What is happening in the agency is nothing but a shame.”

Speaking with the media, a public health expert decried the low vaccination exercise due to the ineptitude of the NPHCDA.

He stated that with how the agency is undertaking the vaccination exercise, Nigeria might never attain effective vaccination of Nigerians against COVID-19.

He added that the government erred fundamentally by domiciling the COVID 19 vaccination with the NPHCDA, forgetting to realise that this is a peculiar exercise and one not to be subjected to the routine bureaucracy in most government agencies.

Culled from the Sahara Reporters


COVID-19: Civil Servants In Edo State Dash For Vaccination As Governor Enforces Order



When Governor Godwin Obaseki on August 23rd, 2021, announced unvaccinated residents of the state would no longer be allowed access to public and private places, including places of worship, by second week of September drew criticism from members of the public.

As the state stands firm in its position, more civil servants and some residents of the state are going for vaccination with an enforcement team ensuring compliance to the ‘No vaccine, no work’ order, which many previously thought was a mere threat.

As of Tuesday, according to the permanent secretary in the ministry of Health, Osamwonyi Irowa, over 7,960 vaccines had been given out.

Recall that some civil society groups had staged a protest against the directive, while others had even got a restraining court order against the state government.

But shockingly, after the expiration of the two weeks, Obaseki fulfilled his threat and prevented civil servants in the 18 local government areas without evidence of vaccination, entry into offices.

The monitoring team also scanned cards to be sure that they were genuine before allowing its holders into the secretariat. Some civil servants said they were taken by surprise and did not bring their cards with them, while those who had it in their offices had to send their colleagues to bring it to them at the gate before they were allowed in.

Irowa notes they have recorded a significant number of persons willing to take the vaccine. “We want to thank the Edo people for taking the vaccines. We are witnessing increasing demand and they are all getting it. We have enough vaccines for Edo people and our target is to hit the roof,” Irowa said.

He, however, warned against the purported buying and selling of vaccination cards by some persons without getting inoculated. He threatened that anyone caught will be dealt with in accordance with the law of the state.

“When we find any of such, we will investigate appropriately and track the persons involved. We are not encouraging people to get the card but only to get vaccinated. So, if you don’t want to get vaccinated, then don’t go near the cards.” He said the state has recorded 58 new cases and five new deaths in the past 72 hours.

A civil servant, who craved anonymity, said the order of the government should be commended, as the intention is to save the lives of people. He however appealed to the state to embark on massive sensitisation campaigns to erase doubts from the mind of people who had some misconceptions about the vaccines.

Culled from the Leadership News Nigeria

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COVID-19: FG relaxes restriction on foreign travellers



The Federal Government has relaxed a restriction on foreign travellers without evidence of payment for their COVID-19 PCR test.

In a memo by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority obtained by our correspondent on Sunday, foreign airlines were asked to board passengers without evidence of payment for Day seven COVID-19 PCR test or generate paid QR code/permit to fly.

The memo dated September 11, 2021, and issued by Director-General of NCAA, Musa Nuhu, was titled “Permission for airlines to board passengers travelling to Nigeria who are unable to show evidence of payment for day seven COVID-19 PCR test or generate paid QR code/permit to fly”.

Nuhu said the decision was taken in view of the challenges some travellers to Nigeria are experiencing while trying to fill their Health and Travel history into Nigeria’s International Travel portal.

Earlier, foreign travellers were required to show proof of payment for their COVID-19 PCR test before they were boarded.

He, however, said such passengers would be required to make payment for the repeat day-7 COVID-19 PCR test at their destination airport in Nigeria.

The memo read, “The Presidential Steering Committee on COVID-19 has been made aware of challenges some travelers are experiencing while trying to fill their Health and travel history into the Nigeria International Travel Portal.

“Airlines are thereby permitted to board any traveller to Nigeria who is unable to either pay for the repeat Day Seven COVID-19 PCR test or generate the paid QR code/ permit to fly.

“Such passengers will be required to make payment for the repeat Day Seven COVID-19 PCR test at their destination airport in Nigeria.

“Holders of Diplomatic passports and Children aged 10 years and below who are unable to complete NITP are to be allowed to board the flight.

“Their health declaration and travel history will be captured by the Port Health Services (PHS) at the destination airport.

“Airlines are to bring this information to the knowledge of the passenger and ensure strict compliance with above-stated conditions.”

Culled from the Punch News Nigeria

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Protest In Edo Against Obaseki’s Compulsory COVID-19 Vaccination



Members of the civil society organisations (CSOs) in Edo State defied early morning downpour on Monday to protest against the state government’s directive on compulsory COVID-19 vaccination by residents before accessing a large gathering.

Obaseki at a briefing had named such gathering to include church service, Juma’at mosque, banks, wedding or burial receptions, among others.

The governor said such gatherings will no longer be accessed without presenting the vaccine certificate from the second week of September.

Obaseki had stated that the third wave of COVID-19 was causing devastating effects across the country, hence the need to introduce stiffer measures to curtail the effect.

But protesters, who marched through the streets of Benin City, the state capital, armed with placards with various inscription such as “Obaseki Can’t Force Us To Take COVID-19 vaccines”, “I Have Right To Mosque”, “We Have Right To Decide”, among others.

They said the plans by the government was tantamount to trampling on the fundamental rights of the citizens.

The protesters under the aegis of Equity Initiatives while addressing journalists at the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) secretariat in Benin City, asked the governor to face infrastructural decay and insecurity in the state instead of forcing residents to take COVID-19 vaccine.

Convener and spokesperson for the group, Chris Iyama, said, “we are here to express our displeasure over government’s move to force Edo people to take COVID-19 vaccines. This is against our fundamental human rights.

“You cannot force someone to eat what he or she doesn’t want. Are we in a Banana Republic? We own the state not the government.”

Also, the interim state chairman, Edo civil society, Bishop Osadolor Anthony Ochei, said it is the right of the citizens to decide whether to be vaccinated or not.

“If the government have failed, we cannot fail ourself. Government have the right to make policies but this policy is not law,” Ochei noted.

The protesters had earlier protested at the state’s office of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) and Edo State Government House.

Culled from the Leadership News Nigeria

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